Due to Covid-19 and keeping safety in mind, all classes are now online only.


Functional Fitness

Training that will reduce pain, correct posture, and improve movement

Hip & Thoracic Shift corrected, Spinal Alignment neutralized 

Correct Posture

Functional Pattern’s methods are based on the genetic characteristics that make us humans. The focus is on the the myofascial lines and how they connect to the brain, circulatory and skeletal systems. This method eliminates pain by using the brain, muscles and fascia in unison to create better skeletal alignment.

Lumbar Decompression, Anterior Hip Shift corrected & Thoracic Extension improved, Scapular Positioning improved 

Reduce Pain

Correcting your Postural & and breathing disfunctions, improves your structural integrity. This integrity carries through to your active posture (better known as the Gait Cycle) which will create functional patterns in your body. When these (more functional) patterns have been hard wired into your body, it becomes better able to deal with all varieties of daily stress, both mental and physical.
Orienting your physical training program around these concepts will correct postural deviations, alleviate pain, improve athleticism and give you the satisfaction of knowing you are spending your valuable time practicing the most effective modality of fitness available
Lateral Ribcage Shift correction
Pelvic Shift correction
Pelvic Rotation Neutralization

A Plan developed specifically for You


$100 Consultation

With a 1 hour initial consultation, I get to know you and your specific needs. I will analyze your breathing, posture and gait, as well as your medical history and fitness experience. From there, we will discuss goals, current health, and any limitations you may have. Then we can determine your training frequency based on your individual needs and budget.

Significant reduction in Scoliotic Curvature


1 Hour Sessions




1 Hour Sessions




1 Hour Sessions




1 Hour Sessions



Significant Lumbar Decompression

Online Training

Due to Covid-19 and keeping safety in mind, all classes and sessions are online only.

Top X-ray: Anterior pelvic Shift & Tilt correction

Bottom X-ray: Lateral Thoracic spine Shift correction 

Pain, Posture and Movement Improvement

Class Schedule

Mondays at 7p
Tuesdays at 12p and 5p
Wednesdays at 7p
Thursdays at 12p

All classes are conducted online, the first class is free, $15 thereafter

Improved Scapular & Shoulder positioning, Neutralized Lumbar

About Me

I am an experienced, professional, and talented Human Biomechanics Specialist (HBS1), as well as an Intuitive Eating, body positive nutrition coach. Creating meaningful changes in the body and mind has always fascinated me. I discovered that I can create these meaningful changes- without the negative consequences of traditional training modalities- with Functional Patterns (FP).

I do this by orienting your training around your innate bio-mechanics. I also help nutrition clients free themselves from toxic diet culture and binge eating, by getting in touch with their innate intuitive eater.

Lateral Ribcage shift to left corrected

What Clients are saying

She is very knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition and our body’s muscle groups”

– Jennifer K
Significant Lumbar Decompression

Cassie’s functional training helps you activate and connect the entire muscle systems so your body can move better as a whole”

– Rachel W
Ribcage shift corrected, increased Spinal Neutralization 

I’ve seen amazing changes to my body. But most importantly Cassie has corrected my posture and I don’t suffer from any pain during or after workouts like I did in the past!”

– Alex A
Improved Scapular Winging & Shoulder alignment, Decompressed Lumbar, improved Ankle Pronation and Knee alignment 

Online Training

Due to Covid-19 and keeping safety in mind, all classes are now online only.

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